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The Bitterness of Life

Have you ever asked yourself why
Why we have that thing called ‘bitter life’ …”
Life so sweet, turned bitter by problems
Problems arising in daily living

Living in a world, pleasant and chaotic
Chaotic? It is not what most of us want!
Want to have a world living in harmony
Harmony that protects us from the poison of life

Life has this one thing: problems
Problems that gives birth to another set of problems
Problems that will make your pleasant life constricted
Constricted by the non-dying, non-rusting chains of problems

Problems not really come from a thing
Thing is, it could also come from ourselves
Ourselves? Is it by making wrong decisions
Decisions that seemed to went for our bad

Bad feels on your decisions? Must still remember
Remember that you must not ever feel bad about choices
Choices that you make in your life – and never regret your mistakes
Mistakes are really destined to be made; just learn from them

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Does It Even Bother?

It has been quite a while since I first set foot on our school. In my stay here, I have observed some things that disappoint me a lot. I never expected that an elementary student would be doing those things.

One time, while waiting for the school gates to open, I saw a schoolmate smoking. Maybe you will say, “There’s nothing wrong with smoking, it is normal!” Yes, it is normal, but the next thing I saw was the issue. While he was smoking, one of our school teachers passed by and I thought that my schoolmate will show respect and stop smoking, but it was wrong. The student continued puffing his cigarette as if an ordinary person just passed.

The school gates were opened and I sat on a bench and chatted with my friends while waiting for the bell to ring. Then the bell rang, and says that we must proceed to our classrooms. However, before leaving the bench, I felt something sticky on my back. I wondered why my friends kept laughing at me. I tried to reach my back and remove that sticky thing. Yuck! A bubble gum! I didn’t know how to react on this incident. Will I laugh at myself, or get mad at that someone who stuck the bubble gum on the wall? Trash cans are visible around, but why can’t they put their wastes in their right places? Well, I just took it as nothing. I don’t want to start my day with anger anyway.

The class had already started and the reporters posted their visual aids and now are ready to give their best on reporting. As the reporter discussed his report, not one of us in the classroom seemed to understand it. Our teacher asked the reporter to elaborate on his report for us to understand what he is discussing but he answered, “Hindi ko alam, yun nga yung nasa book eh!” This caused uproar inside the room. Everybody laughed aloud including me. I turned around at our teacher and I saw him smiling but I know that he was hurt by the indecent answer of the reporter and that made the whole class felt sorry. When we are asked by our teachers to explain what we are discussing, they are just trying to squeeze our minds to see the best we have but they don’t intend to embarrass us.

Whenever I enter our classroom, I noticed some graffiti written on walls especially on the chairs, which made our rooms look dirty and uncomfortable. Although our school janitor always cleans our ground every day, it still looks messy because some students keep on vandalizing it. I don’t understand why the students kept on writing strange words especially symbols, which not everyone can read anyway. It is surprising how those students acted like that, vandalizing school facilities. They should always keep in mind that what they do reflect on their personality.

The next day, the school was unusually quiet so I checked up what’s going on inside. As I went on, everybody was so busy reviewing his or her notes because it was the examination day, one of the most stressing and scariest days in a student’s life. Suddenly, the bell rang which signals the start of the exam. Before we started, our teacher explained the instructions in answering the exams and he made it clear that, “Anyone caught cheating will automatically zero on the exam”. While we were having our exam, I constantly kept hearing people murmuring at the back and even in front. They kept on asking, “Hoy, anong sagot dito?” It was very irritating and distracting on my part because I couldn’t concentrate on answering. I admit that some people taking exams are doing and experiencing cheating while answering their questionnaires. As the saying goes, “Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw, maraming dahilan”.

Did you have observed, or experienced these things? Do you really even bother about these things? I know that many have observed those things too but some did not even bother about it. If we cannot discipline ourselves, let us at least try to respect our school.

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What If Superheroes Were Really True?

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s Superman!”  Superman is one of the famous superheroes we all know. Here also comes Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and other members of what so called “The Justice League”, a group of superheroes having numerous heroes.  We also have the recent group of superheroes that appeared in cinemas that comprises of Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, The Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, and Ironman. However, these superheroes are all fictional. They do not really exist in our world. However, what if they really are not fictional, and they exist in our real world?

A superhero is a fictional character, which has extraordinary or superhuman powers and uses them to fight crime or evil. In our real world, they do not really exist, except from being fictional, we know that there are only plants, animals, and man living in our world. They only exist in the fictional world, and in our imaginative and creative world. Because of their powers, they maintain the peace and order in our world.

Let us imagine the imagery of our real world when superheroes are there. “Superman to the rescue!” “Batman to the rescue!” If they are really superheroes, we were very confident of our safety in the world, because their powers will be able to destroy anything that will disturb the peace, order, and the harmony of living. They could be also a great big help for other peace and order workers (e.g. the police officers, the soldiers, and the government). They are the only ones who could confront the bad villains (e.g. Joker, Lex Luther) because the powers of the human cannot deal with the powers of the villains, which they would be able to do. We can rely on them for our safety.

However, not all the effects of the existence of superheroes in our real world are benefits. There are also drawbacks that they can be engaged. Since they have these supernatural powers, we would count on everything to them. We will increase our reliance with them. We will not be going to stand on our own feet. They will also make other people’s jobs to be useless, as the superheroes will take over the purpose of our own police officers, soldiers, and other peace workers.

Other than reliance to them and taking over of jobs, superheroes can also be abusive of their powers, and they could cause the total destruction of our home planet. Since they can rule the humankind, because of their powers, they could use this power to make us slaves. They will make us think that they are a very far higher than the humankind. They could also cause total destruction of our planet, because of two reasons. The Earth can be a battlefield for superheroes and for their counterpart, the super villains, which have also supernatural powers. They are also able to destroy Earth by their powers, for some reasons.

Superheroes, as we all know, that they do not really exist in the world we are in. it is not important, if they exist or not. The real, big deal is, we can live together in harmony, with or without them. We will try our very best to maintain this harmony of living, and preserve life, and the Earth.