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Every sunrise counts
For he who wonders
If he’ll be there to see
The next one, the next day

And that very time came
When sunrises are already counted for him
He who sinned against all his enemies
He who regretted every decision he has missed taking
And he who loved her until the very end
With the idea of him not being loved back

And that very time came
When he already took his last breath
That time consisted only of three words —
Regret. Hatred. Fate.
For he regretted not doing all the things he should’ve done
For he was hated until the day he passed away
For he accepted the fate of a helpless man like him
Until his last breath

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How To Effectively Plan A Date

If you have this “special someone”, and you wanted to plan a date with him/her, this would surely give you a very nice date.

  1. First thing, you must list down all the possible meeting places, venues and times for your date. Be sure that those times would not interfere with any personal schedules, and be sure that you will go to the meeting place earlier than the time set.
  2. Decide the perfect meeting place, venue, and time for the both of you. Note: You must keep this as a surprise, or else…
  3. List down all the things that you want to do with him/her. Make sure that those things would not get rejected, because it would be a shame on you.
  4. If you wanted to inform him/her about the date without telling to the person personally, make it something special. For example, make a computerized “letter of invitation” and print it in a specialty paper (scented paper will do). Make sure that the color of the paper is his/her favorite color, or, at least, it is pleasing to her eyes.
  5. Remember the list you made for the to-do list of your date.

Make sure also that the content of your list would be very nice, so that the both of you would have a nice date. The quality of the list you had made could predict on how you two would feel on your date.