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The Trouble with Perfectionists (Pride)


Of all the people in the word, perfectionists bother me the most.

They want to get things right. Yes, that is admirable. They are certainly not like a lot of people who just do not care about their jobs do anything else.

Many people seem to believe that it is complimentary to call someone a perfectionist. They seem to think that the terms mean a person who is conscientious. A true perfectionist is not really conscientious but is a trouble.

Everyone should recognize that, on this earth, there is no such thing as a perfection, and be contented with something less.

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Happiness (Envy)


Poverty is certainly not to be desired but, along other observers… I have a friend of mine Marie; invest her time studying social life noted that many poor families are happier than some of those with great wealth. Even poor physically handicapped persons lead more joyous lives than other does who care in perfect health. However, must wealthy persons ruined their life because of envy. They are irritated to serenity and constructive living and that is happiness; and eventually, irritability had caused to destroy something wanted and needed. In a real sense that is what we do when we become distressed over a small incident. Envy.

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Think Only of What You Have (Greed)

image.png Why do so many people have a tendency to review what they do not have or what they have lost farther than what they still have? It is a form of negative thinking, a form of “impossibility thinking”, of excessive desire. Think only of what you have. A woman who had never married and was now old. She’s losing everything, because she invests her time craving for money. The truth is she really gives the time, attention, and affection to self-love. Considering what she was doing to herself it started to sorrow and grief. It weakens and saps the strength to live joyously.

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Water Out For Your Worst Enemy (Lust)


A man who’s only chilled was drowned at an early age. From that point on, he blocked love from his mind. He became one of the most notable professionals. Having fun personal and business experiences, he found himself sunk in a deep depression, swallowing in unceasing misery. He spent time continually asking questions about everything that has happened. After years of misery, he made the greatest discovery of his life. His worst enemy… is himself.

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Anger, It’s Natural (Anger)


Usually, anger follows guilt. It is not fair; it is the feeling. Now, it is natural, and normal, to be angry with god. All right! But when you tell that you are angry with God, it is a different story.

Tell that you are angry with Him. Verbalize it. Then ask for his forgiveness. But, instead of cursing you, He will even give you the light that you seek, because He understands every one. He will heal you.

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Money (Gluttony)


Realize that money problems are one of the worldwide problems that every person faces; and most of them, usually, is a management problem.

I had breakfast, not too long, with a wealthy friend. She is an intimate friend of one of the members of a rich family. You can imagine how they live. The homes, all huge cars, the taxes, maintenance, insurance, and help are eating it up!

By contrast, she spend too much for material things and wry comfortably, eating excessively, and drinking. Consulting, she is worried and apprehensive about his daily life.

She is mysteriously anxious about the future, although she cannot pinpoint anything specific.

In this situation, what is at the bottom of all is anxiety. Suffering to concern of money to spend socially and mentally.