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Every sunrise counts
For he who wonders
If he’ll be there to see
The next one, the next day

And that very time came
When sunrises are already counted for him
He who sinned against all his enemies
He who regretted every decision he has missed taking
And he who loved her until the very end
With the idea of him not being loved back

And that very time came
When he already took his last breath
That time consisted only of three words —
Regret. Hatred. Fate.
For he regretted not doing all the things he should’ve done
For he was hated until the day he passed away
For he accepted the fate of a helpless man like him
Until his last breath

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No Pain, No Gain (Sloth)


You know that sinking feeling of disappointment you get when you have suggested something to an associate or friend and you get an immediate negative response. It could be as casual as the suggestion that you seen a new job or business hearing an associate reply… “It won’t work”. I know someone who tried it and did not succeed. As because friends from you and your action, speaks louder than words.

‘’I can change a pumpkin into a carriage, but if you want to turn that fat into muscle, you’ll have to exercise two hours a day.’’

Success usually involves pain and sacrifice. It will not happen by itself.