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I Am Waiting For You

Hours turned into days
And days turned into months
Through all that time
I searched and searched

But I never found you

Every second you were gone,
I wept and sobbed
Every night I cried myself to sleep
And when the memory of you came to me
I broke down, missing you all the while

I never stopped looking
This you have to know
Without you, I was full of anger and bitterness
Not having you around
It almost drove me insane

I will not ever stop looking
And despite everything, all I want
Is for you to be back here with me
For you to hold me, just be with me
And lull me into dreamless sleep

I miss you every second of every day
Every day that you were away
Because you are my everything
And can you not see
That when I find you, I’ll find me

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It is not that I hate you
It is not just that I dislike you
I am not going anywhere
Waited like this by only looking at you

Even on the day of a cold morning
I will go ahead wholeheartedly
If the atmosphere that illuminates you have not yet vanished
Then wait for me and quietly look down

Everything that belongs to us who are willing
Willing to say goodbye to the comfortable days
And go confirm that meaning
Because a long journey is waiting

Wait for me, because I am serious
I will not run away anymore
My hurting and sorrow will turn into joy
I want to be by your side, so I will show you

I want to be by your side, so I will show you
Just little by little is fine
Because even if it’s just a tiny fragment, it can become strong again
I am waiting, at the end of the world, always…

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Just A Dream

She sits in the corner, voices fading around her
He enters the room, unaware of her presence
She looks around and sees him there
Their eyes meet and time stands still

Like stars in the night sky
Everything seems brighter and yet so much dimmer
She feels her heart beat faster,
And he sees the sadness in her eyes

A memory is triggered and she fights the tears away
And when she looks up again, he is no longer there
Time moves again and voices become clearer
As she closes her eyes, and drifts into slumber

“A Dream”

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I was having this apparent dream
Dream that was a caring eternity
Dream having the faint, wind-like voice
That is calling me from the high sky

That dream having the faint, wind-like voice
That is calling me from the high sky
If I am going to depart while like this
I can go anywhere

I stood in that certain place
Where I chased you in a dream
You then tell me to live
Live without having regrets

The tips of my hair, flowing in the wind
Drawing a line and seeming to flow
Severed feelings, overflowing dreams
I would just fulfill my mission with my hands

In my dreams, in the next world
In the next world, I will go to you…
Overcoming the sky and the sea…
But then I realized it was only just a dream

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I Love You More Than Words Can Say

I feel so happy! and I feel confused,
when I think of you each night and day.
And when I see you, I see sparks,
I love you more than words can say…

– When I See You

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Every little thing that you have said and done
Feels like its deep within me
Doesn’t really matter if you’re on the run
It seems like we are meant to be

Your two warm, soft hands get cold when I am cold
Your strong heart becomes sensitive when I am unhappy
Take my hands silently and hold
You do not know that my heart wanted to do more just for you… honestly

Surely, I will unreservedly tell you
The words, feelings, and everything
That flickered in the light on you
That embraced this uncertain feeling

I just want to tell you something
Something that my heart feels every day
That my heart says just only one thing,
“I love you more than words can say”