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Think Only of What You Have (Greed)

image.png Why do so many people have a tendency to review what they do not have or what they have lost farther than what they still have? It is a form of negative thinking, a form of “impossibility thinking”, of excessive desire. Think only of what you have. A woman who had never married and was now old. She’s losing everything, because she invests her time craving for money. The truth is she really gives the time, attention, and affection to self-love. Considering what she was doing to herself it started to sorrow and grief. It weakens and saps the strength to live joyously.

Posted in Literary Pieces, Short Stories

Money (Gluttony)


Realize that money problems are one of the worldwide problems that every person faces; and most of them, usually, is a management problem.

I had breakfast, not too long, with a wealthy friend. She is an intimate friend of one of the members of a rich family. You can imagine how they live. The homes, all huge cars, the taxes, maintenance, insurance, and help are eating it up!

By contrast, she spend too much for material things and wry comfortably, eating excessively, and drinking. Consulting, she is worried and apprehensive about his daily life.

She is mysteriously anxious about the future, although she cannot pinpoint anything specific.

In this situation, what is at the bottom of all is anxiety. Suffering to concern of money to spend socially and mentally.