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The Trouble with Perfectionists (Pride)


Of all the people in the word, perfectionists bother me the most.

They want to get things right. Yes, that is admirable. They are certainly not like a lot of people who just do not care about their jobs do anything else.

Many people seem to believe that it is complimentary to call someone a perfectionist. They seem to think that the terms mean a person who is conscientious. A true perfectionist is not really conscientious but is a trouble.

Everyone should recognize that, on this earth, there is no such thing as a perfection, and be contented with something less.

Posted in Literary Pieces, Short Stories

No Pain, No Gain (Sloth)


You know that sinking feeling of disappointment you get when you have suggested something to an associate or friend and you get an immediate negative response. It could be as casual as the suggestion that you seen a new job or business hearing an associate reply… “It won’t work”. I know someone who tried it and did not succeed. As because friends from you and your action, speaks louder than words.

‘’I can change a pumpkin into a carriage, but if you want to turn that fat into muscle, you’ll have to exercise two hours a day.’’

Success usually involves pain and sacrifice. It will not happen by itself.