I don’t look on poetry as closed works. I feel they’re going on all the time in my head and I occasionally snip off a length.

– John Ashbery



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Just A Dream

She sits in the corner, voices fading around her
He enters the room, unaware of her presence
She looks around and sees him there
Their eyes meet and time stands still

Like stars in the night sky
Everything seems brighter and yet so much dimmer
She feels her heart beat faster,
And he sees the sadness in her eyes

A memory is triggered and she fights the tears away
And when she looks up again, he is no longer there
Time moves again and voices become clearer
As she closes her eyes, and drifts into slumber

“A Dream”

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I was having this apparent dream
Dream that was a caring eternity
Dream having the faint, wind-like voice
That is calling me from the high sky

That dream having the faint, wind-like voice
That is calling me from the high sky
If I am going to depart while like this
I can go anywhere

I stood in that certain place
Where I chased you in a dream
You then tell me to live
Live without having regrets

The tips of my hair, flowing in the wind
Drawing a line and seeming to flow
Severed feelings, overflowing dreams
I would just fulfill my mission with my hands

In my dreams, in the next world
In the next world, I will go to you…
Overcoming the sky and the sea…
But then I realized it was only just a dream

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What If Superheroes Were Really True?

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s Superman!”  Superman is one of the famous superheroes we all know. Here also comes Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and other members of what so called “The Justice League”, a group of superheroes having numerous heroes.  We also have the recent group of superheroes that appeared in cinemas that comprises of Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, The Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, and Ironman. However, these superheroes are all fictional. They do not really exist in our world. However, what if they really are not fictional, and they exist in our real world?

A superhero is a fictional character, which has extraordinary or superhuman powers and uses them to fight crime or evil. In our real world, they do not really exist, except from being fictional, we know that there are only plants, animals, and man living in our world. They only exist in the fictional world, and in our imaginative and creative world. Because of their powers, they maintain the peace and order in our world.

Let us imagine the imagery of our real world when superheroes are there. “Superman to the rescue!” “Batman to the rescue!” If they are really superheroes, we were very confident of our safety in the world, because their powers will be able to destroy anything that will disturb the peace, order, and the harmony of living. They could be also a great big help for other peace and order workers (e.g. the police officers, the soldiers, and the government). They are the only ones who could confront the bad villains (e.g. Joker, Lex Luther) because the powers of the human cannot deal with the powers of the villains, which they would be able to do. We can rely on them for our safety.

However, not all the effects of the existence of superheroes in our real world are benefits. There are also drawbacks that they can be engaged. Since they have these supernatural powers, we would count on everything to them. We will increase our reliance with them. We will not be going to stand on our own feet. They will also make other people’s jobs to be useless, as the superheroes will take over the purpose of our own police officers, soldiers, and other peace workers.

Other than reliance to them and taking over of jobs, superheroes can also be abusive of their powers, and they could cause the total destruction of our home planet. Since they can rule the humankind, because of their powers, they could use this power to make us slaves. They will make us think that they are a very far higher than the humankind. They could also cause total destruction of our planet, because of two reasons. The Earth can be a battlefield for superheroes and for their counterpart, the super villains, which have also supernatural powers. They are also able to destroy Earth by their powers, for some reasons.

Superheroes, as we all know, that they do not really exist in the world we are in. it is not important, if they exist or not. The real, big deal is, we can live together in harmony, with or without them. We will try our very best to maintain this harmony of living, and preserve life, and the Earth.