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Girl in Green

When I entered the room, I saw this girl in green
She was the most wonderful lady I’ve ever seen
She was alone with the notes and books she’s reading
So I walked towards her, smiled at her with a greeting

With her daily stories, she makes me wanna stay
With her daily smiles, she can brighten up my day
With her daily presence, she makes me wanna say
Oh dear, she’s the girl I wanna marry someday

But one day, on her fave spot, she wasn’t there
I looked for her, searched for her everywhere
I kept on looking, but she wasn’t there
The girl in green disappeared out of thin air

I haven’t told her how much she means to me
Now she’s gone, there’d be no place I’d rather be
I’ll miss everything of her; her voice, her smile
I’ll wait for her, even if it won’t take a while

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I’ll Be Waiting

I’ll be waiting for you ’til my last breath comes out
‘Cause you’re the only girl I cannot live without
I’ll wait for you even if it takes forever
Create our forever and after together

I’ll be waiting for you even if you once left me
Because you’re that special, and my one and only
I’ll be waiting for you no matter what it takes
Even you’re once tempted by your greatest mistakes

I’ll be waiting for you, I’ll accept you wholly
I’ll truly accept you with every single part of me
Running together in love; let’s get back on our track
I’ll be here waiting, hoping for you to come back

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Why Do I Love Her

Whenever I look into her eyes
Shimmer like the stars in the skies
It makes me want to mesmerize
About the feeling I can’t disguise

Her scent that lingers round the room
Her smile that lightens all the gloom
What I loved the most was her smile
Which makes me run for an extra mile

I’ll tell her I love her, oh I really wanted to
Even planned my future just for us two
How I wish I could be with you forever
And create ourselve our happily ever after


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Girl In My Mirror

I just kept on revolving round your existence
I was being drowned by our own reminiscence
My girl in my mirror, I just want to see you
And watch the sunset with me at the blue bayou

I cannot live this life without you by my side
I will show you that I want to be by your side
I want to know all and make music out of you
I am doing my best, maybe because of you

There are the illuminations that mirror the present
They are the brightness that reflects the present
Do you know that the brilliant light that illuminates
Also, exists inside of our own reminiscences?

Even we regret it, it is crazy talk
Because of words spat out of anger
You existed in this world to be so evil
Did not even mind to make any text nor call

I’m sure we can live without being together
‘Cause I’ll believe that even loneliness and fate
Are the scorching-hot fragments of the record
And I’ll going to prove my reason to exist

I did not expect that this day would come to us
What situation is this? I’m so tired of it
Leave me and live your own worthy life by yourself
What I’ve done made me lose you, girl in my mirror