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Why Do I Love Her

Whenever I look into her eyes
Shimmer like the stars in the skies
It makes me want to mesmerize
About the feeling I can’t disguise

Her scent that lingers round the room
Her smile that lightens all the gloom
What I loved the most was her smile
Which makes me run for an extra mile

I’ll tell her I love her, oh I really wanted to
Even planned my future just for us two
How I wish I could be with you forever
And create ourselve our happily ever after


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A Script From The Story, “The Story of Our Love”

“We were having a dinner at a fancy restaurant, with some instrumentalists playing some sort of soothing music. He confessed his feelings to me. Then, my strong feelings to him controlled me that time, so we became a couple. We became a couple for two years, and from being boyfriends and girlfriends, he asked me to marry him at the same restaurant, and at the same table. Once again, I was controlled by my strong feelings to him, and I gave my “Yes” to him.”
– Sarah Lynne Shacagawa, “The Story of Our Love”

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Denver and I were having a dinner at a fancy restaurant, with some instrumentalists playing some sort of soothing music. I was so shy and speechless at that particular time because it is my first time to be in a romantic place with a close friend.

“Nice place, isn’t it?” Denver asked as he started the conversation.

“Nice… very nice.”

“How did you like the food?”

“It’s delicious, because, of course, you had ordered my favorite!” I happily said.

“Do you want to be here more often, just you and me?” he asked shyly.

“Yah… sure! If, and only if, we both have time for ourselves!” I proclaimed without any hesitations.

There were a couple of minutes of silence.

“When the times had passed since the time that we were became boyfriends and girlfriends, it seemed to be I loved you more than I had expected. It was been a long time since the day that we became like this. I want this love to last until our lives will now end. I also made up my mind, and also prepared to accept you wholly in my life and to be my partner in life.”

“What are you trying to say, Denver, my love?”

“I had been waiting for so long to say this to you, so here I go. Just prepare yourself… Sarah Lynne Shacagawa, will you be my partner in life? Will you marry me?” Denver said, accompanied by bringing out a box with a diamond engagement ring, opened the box, and showed it to me.

“You know, Denver that I am waiting for this to happen for so long. It even reached to the point that I doubted to you that you will not going to marry me. It would be a big “Yes”!”

Denver jumped with glee, and I am happy because, finally, what I had dreamt for so long came true. After Denver jumped, he put the ring to my ring finger.

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I Am Waiting For You

Hours turned into days
And days turned into months
Through all that time
I searched and searched

But I never found you

Every second you were gone,
I wept and sobbed
Every night I cried myself to sleep
And when the memory of you came to me
I broke down, missing you all the while

I never stopped looking
This you have to know
Without you, I was full of anger and bitterness
Not having you around
It almost drove me insane

I will not ever stop looking
And despite everything, all I want
Is for you to be back here with me
For you to hold me, just be with me
And lull me into dreamless sleep

I miss you every second of every day
Every day that you were away
Because you are my everything
And can you not see
That when I find you, I’ll find me

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It is not that I hate you
It is not just that I dislike you
I am not going anywhere
Waited like this by only looking at you

Even on the day of a cold morning
I will go ahead wholeheartedly
If the atmosphere that illuminates you have not yet vanished
Then wait for me and quietly look down

Everything that belongs to us who are willing
Willing to say goodbye to the comfortable days
And go confirm that meaning
Because a long journey is waiting

Wait for me, because I am serious
I will not run away anymore
My hurting and sorrow will turn into joy
I want to be by your side, so I will show you

I want to be by your side, so I will show you
Just little by little is fine
Because even if it’s just a tiny fragment, it can become strong again
I am waiting, at the end of the world, always…

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I Love You More Than Words Can Say

I feel so happy! and I feel confused,
when I think of you each night and day.
And when I see you, I see sparks,
I love you more than words can say…

– When I See You

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Every little thing that you have said and done
Feels like its deep within me
Doesn’t really matter if you’re on the run
It seems like we are meant to be

Your two warm, soft hands get cold when I am cold
Your strong heart becomes sensitive when I am unhappy
Take my hands silently and hold
You do not know that my heart wanted to do more just for you… honestly

Surely, I will unreservedly tell you
The words, feelings, and everything
That flickered in the light on you
That embraced this uncertain feeling

I just want to tell you something
Something that my heart feels every day
That my heart says just only one thing,
“I love you more than words can say”

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There’s No One Like You

Even if I look around it is just like that, there is no one like you
A good person like you, with a good heart like you, a gift as great as you
How lucky that I am the person who will try this hard to protect you
The person with the happiest smile like me, and it is because of you

There were these times that your two soft, warm hands get cold when I am feeling chilly
When I am in pain, your heart, that used to be strong, becomes sensitive
I wish for your little comforts so please take and hold my hands wordlessly
My heart wanted to do more things just for you as its one objective

I would even like to think about what I should buy as a gift for you
I am going to be crazy because, baby girl, I liked and loved you
I am attracted to you and my heart is beating so fast just for you
All you have to do is listening to the confession I have for you

These remaining days are more than the time that I came to love you
A good person like you, with a good heart like you, a gift as great as you
How lucky that I am the person who will try this hard to protect you
The person with the happiest smile like me, and it is because of you

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Will I Ever Find Her?

It’s been a long time since I first confessed my feelings for her. I still remembered that it was exactly 12:00 midnight. None of my efforts was a waste. She accepted me wholly. We were about to face the tough challenges in our lives together. Every breath I took, and every move I made. My life became worthy back then.

Our first six months was going fine. It felt like we were linked together as one. She was the most beautiful and the most gorgeous girl for me. She was incomparable with any girl in the world. That was how I was attracted to her. Even though I am not that good-looking, she saw me as one of them. Additionally, he saw me as a nice person inside and out. She was the first one who saw my true colors, since my parents did not even know much about my character. We really loved each other. We dedicated time for only the both of us.

One of the days that I will never forget was that Saturday when we went out for a dinner. Our happiness together filled the place. We felt like it was our time that night. When the romantic music played, we joined the other couples who took up the open spaces. It was very romantic that time. Love was indeed in the air.

Times had passed. We were very happy being together. I thought we were inseparable. However, our winds blew reversely on us, when our seventh month was approaching.

I never expected it to happen. She revealed the truth to me, in the midst of midnight of my birthday.

“I’m still in a relationship, when you confessed my feelings to me. I just felt sorry for you, since my friends told me that you are that willing to devote on me. I’m sorry…”

I really didn’t know what to say in that short span of time. I was really shocked. That happiness, that made me think that there was nothing that could come between us… that nothing, even death, would separate us…

In that span of time, I turned out to be like a robot. I did not cry nor didn’t I felt sorry. I didn’t felt sad, either.

That moment sank deep within me after some time. Instead of just wondering how my life was wasted, I took it as a tough lesson.

“Nothing lasts forever.”

Even relationships do not last forever.

Moving on takes time. It is like you are recovering yourself from paralysis.


Times had passed, when I had moved on, there is this feeling that I am ready to be engaged in love again. The question is, will I find my “the one” in this second time, or I will undergo so many heartbreaks before I could find my “the one”.

Where could I find her? When could I find her? Will I ever find her?