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The Bitterness of Life

Have you ever asked yourself why
Why we have that thing called ‘bitter life’ …”
Life so sweet, turned bitter by problems
Problems arising in daily living

Living in a world, pleasant and chaotic
Chaotic? It is not what most of us want!
Want to have a world living in harmony
Harmony that protects us from the poison of life

Life has this one thing: problems
Problems that gives birth to another set of problems
Problems that will make your pleasant life constricted
Constricted by the non-dying, non-rusting chains of problems

Problems not really come from a thing
Thing is, it could also come from ourselves
Ourselves? Is it by making wrong decisions
Decisions that seemed to went for our bad

Bad feels on your decisions? Must still remember
Remember that you must not ever feel bad about choices
Choices that you make in your life – and never regret your mistakes
Mistakes are really destined to be made; just learn from them

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I reminisced all the days when you are with me
We, before, once believed that we are meant to be
I also recalled all the times when you told me
That, “I am glad as long as you are here with me”.

One day, I requested you to go out with me
I never thought that, the next day would be our end
Our assumption before of being meant to be
And even our friendship, also came to an end

The next day, you gave a bag full of things to me
A bag filled with all the things that I gave to you
And you also said that we are not meant to be
I turned wordless ‘coz of the things I heard from you

I cannot believe all the things you said to me
I cannot believe that we are not meant to be
You also said that you would just want to be free
That is why it was very heartbreaking for me

The days after that catastrophic happening
When I think of it, it was very depressing
You broke my heart into different sized sections
Those sections were broken further into portions

I knew that my heart was like a broken hourglass
‘Coz you cannot put the pieces back together
The only thing you can do is to make time pass
‘Coz the heart could put its own pieces together

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The Story of Our Love

We are lying on a big blanket under a sakura tree, with my fiancé. We are planning for our future married life, when our fathers and mothers-in-law just arrived.

“How’s the scenery here under this very memorable tree?” said my father-to-be.

“It was so wonderful… very wonderful, and beautiful, and … There is no word that suits my impression with this landscape. Even words are not enough…”

Suddenly …

“Oh, that’s my stomach. It says it is now hungry. Is it lunch time? Let us eat!”

Thank God! It is now lunchtime!


“WAIT A SECOND! Do not forget to put God first in everything we do. Let us first thank God for our food, our blessings, and let us pray for the both of you, Sarah, and Denver, for a blessed wedding life, since your wedding is now getting near. Sarah, why won’t you lead the prayer?” my mother-to-be said.

“Ok. It will be a pleasure.”

“Thank you Lord… Amen. Let us eat!”


We had the specialties of our fathers and mothers-in-law that are prepared for our lunch under the sakura tree. That means we had four different dishes in our front. We are required to have all of these, and be able to taste the food that was being prepared.

We had some talk with everyone while eating. We had jokes, funny stories, or anything fun. When I finished eating, I went a little farther from them, thinking for my future life. After wedding, my name will now be Sarah Lynne Shacagawa – Yamaguchi. I will now going to be a part of the Yamaguchi Family, the family of my future husband. When my future husband noticed me that I went farther from them, he went by my side.

“Why are you here?”

“Ah, nothing. I am just reminiscing about our past times.”

“Ok… Oh, I know! Why won’t we reminisce together on how we first met until on this point, that we are now getting to be married?”

“A great idea! So, let’s get started!”

“WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! Why won’t you join your future mothers and fathers with what you are going to do?”

“Ah, all right.”

Both of us went nearer to them, and I began telling our love story.

“This is how the story of us started:

I was once a gym instructor. I am also the one who helps some people to lose weight. He (pointing to Denver) was fat before. I went at a coffee shop near the gym for a break, when I saw him entered the gym. When I saw him, I looked around, and I saw that no chair would be able to fit his body, because the chairs are too small for him. Therefore, I went to him, and greeted him. He greeted me back. We introduced ourselves, me going first. Then I told him as inoffensively as I could, but he did not mind about what I just said. Therefore, I leaved him and went back to the gym. I was getting farther to the coffee shop, when I heard a trembling sound. I turned back, and I saw him fell from the chair. I immediately ran towards him, and escorted him to the gym. I gave him clothes, because his clothes are wet because of spilled coffee. I also bought coffee for him. Because of that, I earned a new friend that day that turned out to be my future husband today …”

I took a sip from my cup of juice and continued storytelling.

“Ok. I will continue telling our story:

We turned out to be friends from the day we met. Instant friends, until we became best friends as time goes on.

One day, I am thinking of encouraging him to join my physical fitness program, even though I know that he would refuse it, because he told me once that, ‘I am contented with my body.’. However, I thought of offering it again, because I know it is for his own good and for the better him. Therefore, I approached him and offered him, but as I had expected, he refused my offer. I tried and tried, but he repeatedly refused. I turned emotional, and accidentally told him that one of the possible reasons why the girls he likes do not like him. It is because of his body, and his unhealthy habit. Therefore, I ran towards outside the gym, onto the trees, and sat on a bench and cried. Surprisingly, he did not follow me.

Two weeks had passed when we do not have the communication with each other. Then, he unexpectedly went to the gym, and after some realizations, he asked me to include him in my program, and asked for my forgiveness. I gladly included him, as a sign of my forgiveness.

At first, he was struggling very hard for the different exercises he must perform, including the avoidance of junk foods, eating too much, and eating so many things that are not good for him. Months had passed, when he was getting more and more physically fit; until he is now different from the old Denver that he was being satisfied with. Before, he said he was contented with his old body, but now, he is now more contented with his new shape. Before, he has a double chin, and a very big tummy, arms, and feet. Now, he has a six-pack abs and a very muscular arms and feet. However, at these times, I did not notice that I am already in love with him, but I kept it for myself the first time I felt it. However, I do not also know that he had feelings of love for me.

One time, he surprisingly went on my house. I was surprised because I did not expect him to come there, because he did not even know my address. He told me that he asked my friend at gym about on where I live. He went there with flowers. Days had passed, that he is going to my house, and giving me gifts, until one time he asked me to go for a dinner. I did not refuse to go, because I do not want him to get upset at me.

We were having a dinner at a fancy restaurant, with some instrumentalists playing some sort of soothing music. He confessed his feelings to me. Then, my strong feelings to him controlled me that time, so we became a couple. We became a couple for two years, and from being boyfriends and girlfriends, he asked me to marry him at the same restaurant, and at the same table. Once again, I was controlled by my strong feelings to him, and I gave my “Yes” to him.

For your additional information, of all the boys that liked me, and wooed me, Denver was the one who made my heart beat unexpectedly. Finally, that is it. El Finale.”

Then reactions and questions arose from my story, getting them to know us better with our story. Our moments from this day, our every second, every minute, goes on.