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Moving On

I don’t know how much it cost you
To abandon me without leaving any clue
I wish that day you would let me know
Why didn’t you tell me to let you go

How I wish I shouldn’t have met you
And made you believe love’d see us through
But I was a fool who got tricked by you
Believing your love for me was true

How can I move on now without you
I felt so hopeless because of you
I felt so worthless, oh thanks to you
I could’ve been better if it weren’t for you


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The Bitterness of Life

Have you ever asked yourself why
Why we have that thing called ‘bitter life’ …”
Life so sweet, turned bitter by problems
Problems arising in daily living

Living in a world, pleasant and chaotic
Chaotic? It is not what most of us want!
Want to have a world living in harmony
Harmony that protects us from the poison of life

Life has this one thing: problems
Problems that gives birth to another set of problems
Problems that will make your pleasant life constricted
Constricted by the non-dying, non-rusting chains of problems

Problems not really come from a thing
Thing is, it could also come from ourselves
Ourselves? Is it by making wrong decisions
Decisions that seemed to went for our bad

Bad feels on your decisions? Must still remember
Remember that you must not ever feel bad about choices
Choices that you make in your life – and never regret your mistakes
Mistakes are really destined to be made; just learn from them