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Will I Ever Find Her?

Hold On Until It's Over

It’s been a long time since I first confessed my feelings for her. I still remembered that it was exactly 12:00 midnight. None of my efforts was a waste. She accepted me wholly. We were about to face the tough challenges in our lives together. Every breath I took, and every move I made. My life became worthy back then.

Our first six months was going fine. It felt like we were linked together as one. She was the most beautiful and the most gorgeous girl for me. She was incomparable with any girl in the world. That was how I was attracted to her. Even though I am not that good-looking, she saw me as one of them. Additionally, he saw me as a nice person inside and out. She was the first one who saw my true colors, since my parents did not even know much about my character. We really loved each other. We dedicated time for only the both of…

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How To Effectively Plan A Date

If you have this “special someone”, and you wanted to plan a date with him/her, this would surely give you a very nice date.

  1. First thing, you must list down all the possible meeting places, venues and times for your date. Be sure that those times would not interfere with any personal schedules, and be sure that you will go to the meeting place earlier than the time set.
  2. Decide the perfect meeting place, venue, and time for the both of you. Note: You must keep this as a surprise, or else…
  3. List down all the things that you want to do with him/her. Make sure that those things would not get rejected, because it would be a shame on you.
  4. If you wanted to inform him/her about the date without telling to the person personally, make it something special. For example, make a computerized “letter of invitation” and print it in a specialty paper (scented paper will do). Make sure that the color of the paper is his/her favorite color, or, at least, it is pleasing to her eyes.
  5. Remember the list you made for the to-do list of your date.

Make sure also that the content of your list would be very nice, so that the both of you would have a nice date. The quality of the list you had made could predict on how you two would feel on your date.

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How To Effectively Hide Your Boner In Public?

How would you feel if something unexpected happened? Like having a boner! Yes, it is. Unexpectedly having a boner, whether it is intentional or not. It is not-that-good feeling if you have it while living with someone, or just simply talking to someone. It would be some sort of a shame on you to them, right? But, that would be more amplified if you are in a public place, isn’t it? So, when you had boner in public, just try these tips:

  1. Put your hands in your pockets. Place your hands near the “area”, and pretend that you are only putting your hands in that “area”. When someone asked you why your hands are there, tell them that you just wanted it to be there.
  2. If you are in a house with someone, pretend that you wanted to be a humpback person for a certain period of time. It would be more effective if you would do tip # 1.
  3. If you are in a house with someone, pretend that you broke your back, while doing tip # 1.
  4. As much as possible, refrain from standing up, because it would be too obvious if you stand up.
  5. If you are lying on a bed with someone, try to lie like a baby – legs up, so that it won’t be too obvious. But, be careful. Your “thing” might get hurt.

REMINDER: Do not ever ever fold your hands near the “area”. It won’t hide your boner.