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Dear Neil,

Lies. Lies revolve around my crazy mind. Lies keeping me from being stuck behind. Lies putting me out of my mind. Lies …

Ever since childhood, I was taught not to trust any other people other than myself. It was also engraved on my mind that people were only good thinking only for themselves. People won’t give even a single thought on you nor on somebody else. I was isolated to the outside world as much as my parents could do, so I could have the perception of the world we all live in as a cruel and inhumane one. It made me think I could feel the best at our own comforts. At first, I truly believed they were wrong. Maybe, it was just a result of a mayhem somewhere in their own lives. However, with what is happening right now in my life, I am gradually believing they were right from the start.

I rarely pay attention to my friends who greets me a “Hi”, “Good morning”, or even a simple raise of eyebrows. I frequently get the feeling they seem to be obligated to do such or could it be those were not actually meant for me, or could it also because what I hear is not effectively in sync with what I truly see in their facial expressions. Why did I say so? If I were to recollect every single interaction I had with them day-by-day, most were actually simpler-than-simple greetings.

I am only recognized whenever wanted. I am only called whenever needed. Otherwise, I’m just a useless, worthless human being. I feel like a foot rug.
Imagine how painful and difficult it is for me, who has no one left to talk to and no one left to open up and ease up things for me, to handle each passing day of my life with the trusted and valued people in my life away from my picture. What happened to “I am always right here for you” thing? What happened to “Because you’re my friend” thing? Isn’t it friends always stick together until the end? Isn’t it friends support each other with anything coming towards each other’s lives? I do not really know now what is true and what isn’t. I’m tired of being given empty responses. I’m tired of having a ‘Seen’ as a response. I’ve got enough of believing and expecting for all of them to hold on to their own promises. I’ve got enough of expecting someone would help me overcome every single problem life has to offer.

Can you help me? What should I do? Is there something wrong with me? Am I just an attention seeker? Am I going beyond the line? I won’t be expecting any reply from you. You might be one of them. Right now, I know I am living in a world full of lies. Full of fake entities, full of sadness, which seems to be never ending. Then, I realized my existence was the biggest lie of all.



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A Broken “Tomorrow”

If tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I loved her?
– Ronan Keatin, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

As I lie down on my bed, I remembered those days. Those days that we spent together. Those days that we exchanged laughters and memories together. Those days that I was with you. Those days that I had you.

It all started with a single Facebook post. Someone was asking for a classmate in a certain class, because that person thought that she was alone. Yes. I am one of those many people that person was looking for. I hesitated to reply back, because I am afraid. I am afraid to mingle, talk, and even see other people, other than my parents and relatives. I am an introvert. A highly introvert person. I tried to read that specific post again a couple of minutes later, and then my eyes were diverted to a person’s name. That “someone” who posted that specific post is a girl, and it was you. A simple, cute young lady. I thought that you could be a great acquaintance and a stepping stone for my journey to the outside world. I am not that satisfied anymore in staying on my own comfort zone.

So I replied. After a couple of minutes, a stranger sent me a message, confirming if I do belong on the same class as this person. I remembered that it was you. On our first set of conversations, it was a bit awkward, since I am conversing with a person I have not ever met before, and just meeting that person on Facebook.

As our conversation progressed as time passed by, it becomes less awkward, until it came to the point that we became good friends. We even tell jokes to each other, spend time together, and sharing memories together, as good friends should do. I came to know you better, and eventually I tend to like you. Like, a lot. I really liked your simplicity, your kindness, your… simply you. I can simply say that I liked you just the way you are. But then, I couldn’t tell you about how I feel, up until now. It is just simply because of that I am a coward, a weakling. I cannot have that level of courage required for me to tell you what I have towards you.

The semester has ended, without letting you know about it. More than that of the end of the semester, I was not able to see you around anymore. I cannot even send you a message, because, again, I am a weakling, a coward. I feel like I wasted a semester because of something I must have done before. I feel frustrated with my self, because you did not even knew, nor did get a hint, that I have this special emotion towards you. I cannot even visualize my self anymore being with you, because I feel really down for what had happened.

Up until now, even until this moment that I lie on my bed, reminiscing about these things, I cannot even say that I am now ready for it, since it is over. Every thing was over. Oh, how I wish that I could turn back time, as impossible as it may seem, just to tell you that I really liked you a lot. But then, it happened. Everything has just happened. All I can do now is to wait for that time that I can see you again, and unrelentlessly tell you about how I feel towards you.

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The Trouble with Perfectionists (Pride)


Of all the people in the word, perfectionists bother me the most.

They want to get things right. Yes, that is admirable. They are certainly not like a lot of people who just do not care about their jobs do anything else.

Many people seem to believe that it is complimentary to call someone a perfectionist. They seem to think that the terms mean a person who is conscientious. A true perfectionist is not really conscientious but is a trouble.

Everyone should recognize that, on this earth, there is no such thing as a perfection, and be contented with something less.

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Happiness (Envy)


Poverty is certainly not to be desired but, along other observers… I have a friend of mine Marie; invest her time studying social life noted that many poor families are happier than some of those with great wealth. Even poor physically handicapped persons lead more joyous lives than other does who care in perfect health. However, must wealthy persons ruined their life because of envy. They are irritated to serenity and constructive living and that is happiness; and eventually, irritability had caused to destroy something wanted and needed. In a real sense that is what we do when we become distressed over a small incident. Envy.

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Think Only of What You Have (Greed)

image.png Why do so many people have a tendency to review what they do not have or what they have lost farther than what they still have? It is a form of negative thinking, a form of “impossibility thinking”, of excessive desire. Think only of what you have. A woman who had never married and was now old. She’s losing everything, because she invests her time craving for money. The truth is she really gives the time, attention, and affection to self-love. Considering what she was doing to herself it started to sorrow and grief. It weakens and saps the strength to live joyously.

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Water Out For Your Worst Enemy (Lust)


A man who’s only chilled was drowned at an early age. From that point on, he blocked love from his mind. He became one of the most notable professionals. Having fun personal and business experiences, he found himself sunk in a deep depression, swallowing in unceasing misery. He spent time continually asking questions about everything that has happened. After years of misery, he made the greatest discovery of his life. His worst enemy… is himself.

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Anger, It’s Natural (Anger)


Usually, anger follows guilt. It is not fair; it is the feeling. Now, it is natural, and normal, to be angry with god. All right! But when you tell that you are angry with God, it is a different story.

Tell that you are angry with Him. Verbalize it. Then ask for his forgiveness. But, instead of cursing you, He will even give you the light that you seek, because He understands every one. He will heal you.