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To my friends,
Hello! How have you been without me?
My life is such a melodrama
For that, I would not give any apology
I am reliving the whole sense of me
For I am currently crumbling, falling
For some mishaps where I have been
You were not there when I needed
So I would help myself to free from it
I am still your one true good friend
I will wait for the time you will need me again
I might be no good, but for you, I will be the best I could
Even if you would not, but for you, I would

To a specific person,
Hey. How are you? I hope you are doing well.
I hope you are doing well despite ignoring me
I hope you are doing well despite making a fool out of me
I hope you are doing well even if you’re making me feel
I am not worth of your time; not even a bit of it
I should not have bothered making a verse for you
I should not have bothered making time for you
It is not because I do not like you
I just stopped myself from showing it to you

To yet another specific person,
We live in different worlds today
Since you have decided not to stay
Mind me not for I will be okay
I will feel better at the end of the day
I wish you luck and misfortune and everything in between
Because life is not always fair and square, my dear
I wish you have a good life out there
Not flying horses and unicorns playing anywhere

To everyone else,
Hello! I hope you are having a great day
Have those smiles on your faces every day
No matter how shitty a day could be
No matter how shitty life could be
Just be optimistic that everything will be fine
Believe me, everything will be okay in God’s time

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Childhood Memory


We once played hide-and-seek
When one makes sure the other won’t peek
We played everyday to our heart’s content
And end every day by just how it went

One day, when our hearts started to speak
We started to feel emotions at its peak
We started to blind ourselves by love
And sharing everything that we have

Until the end was the end we cannot prevent
Like the same old days, we end by just how it went
Who would wipe my tears now with her palms
When you already died in my own two arms

As days passed by without you by my side
Every day seems a pair of worlds will collide
So I will remember that one childhood memory
The times we played since we were three

Winter, spring, summer, and fall
Our childhood days, I’ll remember them all
You are all of my precious days
No any day could simply replace

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Girl in Green

When I entered the room, I saw this girl in green
She was the most wonderful lady I’ve ever seen
She was alone with the notes and books she’s reading
So I walked towards her, smiled at her with a greeting

With her daily stories, she makes me wanna stay
With her daily smiles, she can brighten up my day
With her daily presence, she makes me wanna say
Oh dear, she’s the girl I wanna marry someday

But one day, on her fave spot, she wasn’t there
I looked for her, searched for her everywhere
I kept on looking, but she wasn’t there
The girl in green disappeared out of thin air

I haven’t told her how much she means to me
Now she’s gone, there’d be no place I’d rather be
I’ll miss everything of her; her voice, her smile
I’ll wait for her, even if it won’t take a while

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I know in myself I should not love you
‘Cause you can’t love me as much as I do
But, still chose to give my love on you
Giving you with every simple thing I do

I know in myself I was loving you
Without hoping you will love me, too
My heart gives extra beats just for you
My mind makes extra thoughts of you, too

I know in myself it hurts loving you
I’m loving you without leaving any clue
Hiding feelings whenever I feel like crying
Crying all alone when I feel like hurting

I know in myself I was loving you
I was loving you, but I can’t continue
I know in myself I shouldn’t fall for you
I know in myself I wasn’t meant for you

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The Last Poem For You

Fake people have their fake masks on
I wonder how they live with those masks on
I wish I could tell you, I wish I could let you
Know how painful it is being with you

It hurts to know your smiles ain’t for real
It hurts to know loving me is against your will
It hurts to know loving me isn’t your big deal
It hurts to know loving me you didn’t want to stand still

You’re a fake person, oh you’re really one like them
You belong with me fae less than you belong with them
It seems to be obvious on what you will choose
For in my case, I’d rather love a goose

If you wanted to love again, my dear old friend
Promise me you’ll never wear your mask again
Don’t break his trust for it wont regain once broken
Love him until we see each other again in heaven

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Dear Neil,

Lies. Lies revolve around my crazy mind. Lies keeping me from being stuck behind. Lies putting me out of my mind. Lies …

Ever since childhood, I was taught not to trust any other people other than myself. It was also engraved on my mind that people were only good thinking only for themselves. People won’t give even a single thought on you nor on somebody else. I was isolated to the outside world as much as my parents could do, so I could have the perception of the world we all live in as a cruel and inhumane one. It made me think I could feel the best at our own comforts. At first, I truly believed they were wrong. Maybe, it was just a result of a mayhem somewhere in their own lives. However, with what is happening right now in my life, I am gradually believing they were right from the start.

I rarely pay attention to my friends who greets me a “Hi”, “Good morning”, or even a simple raise of eyebrows. I frequently get the feeling they seem to be obligated to do such or could it be those were not actually meant for me, or could it also because what I hear is not effectively in sync with what I truly see in their facial expressions. Why did I say so? If I were to recollect every single interaction I had with them day-by-day, most were actually simpler-than-simple greetings.

I am only recognized whenever wanted. I am only called whenever needed. Otherwise, I’m just a useless, worthless human being. I feel like a foot rug.
Imagine how painful and difficult it is for me, who has no one left to talk to and no one left to open up and ease up things for me, to handle each passing day of my life with the trusted and valued people in my life away from my picture. What happened to “I am always right here for you” thing? What happened to “Because you’re my friend” thing? Isn’t it friends always stick together until the end? Isn’t it friends support each other with anything coming towards each other’s lives? I do not really know now what is true and what isn’t. I’m tired of being given empty responses. I’m tired of having a ‘Seen’ as a response. I’ve got enough of believing and expecting for all of them to hold on to their own promises. I’ve got enough of expecting someone would help me overcome every single problem life has to offer.

Can you help me? What should I do? Is there something wrong with me? Am I just an attention seeker? Am I going beyond the line? I won’t be expecting any reply from you. You might be one of them. Right now, I know I am living in a world full of lies. Full of fake entities, full of sadness, which seems to be never ending. Then, I realized my existence was the biggest lie of all.



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Would I consider myself to be blind
If all I see’s your picture on my mind
Would I consider myself to be mute
If I can’t tell you’re romantically cute

Would I consider myself to be crazy
If with you, my feelings can’t go easy
Will you hear me when I say to you
Darling, I’m so in love with you

Roses are red, violets are blue
Why can’t I tell my feelings for you
So I made this poem especially for you
But I don’t expect you to love me, too