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On a Snowy December Night

This December night, snow falls down on me
There is a ‘snow and me’ instead of a ‘you and me’
The chills of the night go down into my heart
And freezes all the warmth of love I could ever have

With the cold breeze, I scream at the top of my lungs
Hoping an hour later you will come back to my arms
And we will enjoy the coldness of the night together
Rather than the coldness of your heart alone

I hope your heart will envy the snow for reaching mine
And the chills that will stay until late midnight
I hope that someday, you come back at that same spot
But there is nothing but my trails you cannot track

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Leave me, poison me with your hatred, oh dear
Abandon me, while I am here standing still
Leave me now or you shall forever regret staying
I guarantee you will be staying for nothing

Leave me now or you shall be forever in my sorrows
Mark my heart sharply with your most painful arrows
But please do not take all my memories of you
They are the only memories I can hold on to

Leave me, but do not take these memories with you
I will torture my mind using every memory of you
For I shall be the first to bid you the last goodbye
From someone with an emotionally blinded eye

(Photo disclaimer: The Dark Night of the Soul)

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She keeps on whispering every time
She was the one who was almost mine
She was the one who was almost my world
She was the one who was almost my girl
It was almost, but never enough

She was always, almost my poetry
It was almost like romance, like love
Almost making memories, making love
“Can I call you, make you mine?”
It was almost, but never enough

It hurted so much because we almost dated
We almost fallen in love but we didn’t
All we are now is an almost
An almost that never came to be

What hurts the most, the hardest part
Is not knowing why
All we are now is an almost
An almost that I can’t mourn

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Every sunrise counts
For he who wonders
If he’ll be there to see
The next one, the next day

And that very time came
When sunrises are already counted for him
He who sinned against all his enemies
He who regretted every decision he has missed taking
And he who loved her until the very end
With the idea of him not being loved back

And that very time came
When he already took his last breath
That time consisted only of three words —
Regret. Hatred. Fate.
For he regretted not doing all the things he should’ve done
For he was hated until the day he passed away
For he accepted the fate of a helpless man like him
Until his last breath

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As the sun slowly sank beneath the horizon
Such a beautiful ending I’ve ever known
And as the end of the day draws near
My heart can’t still shed even a single tear

Oh, I know I’m still afraid and tired
Waiting for someone I once admired
Neither do I know when nor do I know how
To stop me from clinging on your vow

Please help me move on with my life without you
And I will bury every single memory of us, too
Oh, I wish my heart reaches its own sunset
When will that happen, I do not know yet

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To my friends,
Hello! How have you been without me?
My life is such a melodrama
For that, I would not give any apology
I am reliving the whole sense of me
For I am currently crumbling, falling
For some mishaps where I have been
You were not there when I needed
So I would help myself to free from it
I am still your one true good friend
I will wait for the time you will need me again
I might be no good, but for you, I will be the best I could
Even if you would not, but for you, I would

To a specific person,
Hey. How are you? I hope you are doing well.
I hope you are doing well despite ignoring me
I hope you are doing well despite making a fool out of me
I hope you are doing well even if you’re making me feel
I am not worth of your time; not even a bit of it
I should not have bothered making a verse for you
I should not have bothered making time for you
It is not because I do not like you
I just stopped myself from showing it to you

To yet another specific person,
We live in different worlds today
Since you have decided not to stay
Mind me not for I will be okay
I will feel better at the end of the day
I wish you luck and misfortune and everything in between
Because life is not always fair and square, my dear
I wish you have a good life out there
Not flying horses and unicorns playing anywhere

To everyone else,
Hello! I hope you are having a great day
Have those smiles on your faces every day
No matter how shitty a day could be
No matter how shitty life could be
Just be optimistic that everything will be fine
Believe me, everything will be okay in God’s time

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Childhood Memory


We once played hide-and-seek
When one makes sure the other won’t peek
We played everyday to our heart’s content
And end every day by just how it went

One day, when our hearts started to speak
We started to feel emotions at its peak
We started to blind ourselves by love
And sharing everything that we have

Until the end was the end we cannot prevent
Like the same old days, we end by just how it went
Who would wipe my tears now with her palms
When you already died in my own two arms

As days passed by without you by my side
Every day seems a pair of worlds will collide
So I will remember that one childhood memory
The times we played since we were three

Winter, spring, summer, and fall
Our childhood days, I’ll remember them all
You are all of my precious days
No any day could simply replace