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Don’t Fall For A Person Like Me

Don’t fall for a crazy person like me…
A person who will be loving you freely
A person who will be loving you purely
A person who will have you in his daily fantasy
Because they will rather let it be

Don’t fall for a creepy person like me…
I have the eyes that catches every glimpse of you
I have the ears that listens to every word from you
I have the nose that senses every scent of you
And I have the heart that loves every aspect of you

Don’t fall for a selfless person like me
I would travel the land, air, and sea
I would give every single piece of me
As long as you are always here with me
I’ll eternally express what you really mean to me

Don’t you ever dare fall in love to a person like me
I’m afraid that you’d someday, eventually see
Fate’s decided that we’re not really meant to be
However, if you think you really love me
We’ll together defy and create our own destiny



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