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Girl In My Mirror

I just kept on revolving round your existence
I was being drowned by our own reminiscence
My girl in my mirror, I just want to see you
And watch the sunset with me at the blue bayou

I cannot live this life without you by my side
I will show you that I want to be by your side
I want to know all and make music out of you
I am doing my best, maybe because of you

There are the illuminations that mirror the present
They are the brightness that reflects the present
Do you know that the brilliant light that illuminates
Also, exists inside of our own reminiscences?

Even we regret it, it is crazy talk
Because of words spat out of anger
You existed in this world to be so evil
Did not even mind to make any text nor call

I’m sure we can live without being together
‘Cause I’ll believe that even loneliness and fate
Are the scorching-hot fragments of the record
And I’ll going to prove my reason to exist

I did not expect that this day would come to us
What situation is this? I’m so tired of it
Leave me and live your own worthy life by yourself
What I’ve done made me lose you, girl in my mirror


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