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Memoirs For Last Glimpse of 2012

A Memoir for November

“NO PROM? WHAT?” A question that went viral in these days. Our school administrators, particularly our campus director, decided that there would be no prom for the school year. There were different reactions prior to that.
But, thank God, the sadness was now ended. There was a hint that there would be a possibility for the prom to push through. Our campus director went classroom-to-classroom to explain and asked the third year students about the issue. My batch mates were given the chance to express their viewpoints about the issue. And one day, there was an announcement, telling that the prom will be pushed through. Our schoolmates felt like the thorn embedded in their hearts was finally removed because of that news. Because of the fact that the prom will be pushed through, some of the boys are now preparing for inviting someone they liked to be their date in the prom. Woo-hoo!

A Memoir for December

Christmas season is in the air. The phrase “Merry Christmas” went viral, as it were evey year. But this is not only the main event in our school, because the boys had appeared now, with a handsome look and their gifts brought for the girl whom they would ask to go to prom with them. So, it is not only the Christmas season, and the Christmas breeze are in the air. We also had the ask-for-someone-to-be-prom-date breeze in the atmosphere.
Season’s Greetings! It’s Christmas Party. I’m so glad that one item in my wish list are now in my hands! I had received a silver cross pendant that I really wanted so long. My Christmas vacation, you say… nah, it’s too long to tell the story. I’ll just give you the summary. I had learned many things in the province.


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